Donetsk Regional Museum of Local History

Donetsk Regional Museum of Local History is a community cultural institution that started its work again on Ukraine-controlled territory in August 2016. Our location: 84313 Kramatorsk, vul Akademichna, 84.

Our main areas of focus are: research, identification, preservation and exhibition of natural and cultural heritage of Donetsk. The museum aims to be inclusive in serving local communities as a recreational space of edutainment. In 2017-2018 Donetsk Regional Museum of Local History participated in archaeological excavations of six  mounds. The artefacts excavated became part of our collection.

Three filial branch of the museum operate on the Ukraine-controlled territory of Donetsk region: Velikoanadol Forest Museum, Sergei Prokofiev Museum in the his birthplace, Vladimir Nemyrovych-Danchenko and Nikolay Korf House-Museum in the Neskuchne village.

Sergei Prokofiev Museum

Sergei Prokofiev Museum

Sergei Prokofiev Museum opened its doors in 1991 in the Sontsivka village, the birthplace of the renowned 20th century composer, pianist and conductor, in connection with his 100th anniversary.

Sergei Prokofiev’s childhood years passed starting here from 1904.

His father, agronomist, was employed by Dmitri Sontsov, to whose estate in Sontsivka (named also Sontsovka) the Prokofievs moved.

The museum is housed in the school where the mother of the future famous composer worked as a teacher.

In the museum  you can learn about Prokofiev’s childhood, his concerts and creative pursuits, both at home and abroad. You will dive deep into his music and get a look at Prokofiev’s “Wooden Book”.

There is a Sergei Prokofiev monument on the premises.

If requested, the staff can offer you the following activities:

  1. A tour of the village and a visit to St Peter and Paul Church (consecrated in 1840) where the composer was baptized.
  2. Film screenings about Serhiy Prokofiev.
  3. Recordings of his music can be played in the concert hall.
  4. Peter and the Wolf quest based on a ‘symphonic fairy tale for children’, a musical composition written by Serhiy Prokofiev.
  5. Musical Path interactive game for schoolchildren.
  6. Lecture about the history of Sontsivka.
  7. Ukrainian rag doll workshop.
  8. Museum classes about Ukrainian symbols: guelder-rose, traditional houses, stork, vyshyvanka embroidery styles and ornaments.
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